From a very young age, back in the 80s, I was surrounded by dance music, but the main interest and infatuation started in high school days, around 1992-1993, when dance music was dominant on radio stations and clubs in Croatia. I spent my days recording dance shows on cassettes, listening to local radio stations and, during the summers, Italian radio stations, at which point my interest in Italian dance production grew even further.

By mid-90s, i started going on regular trips to Trieste, Italy, with my DJ friends to buy new records (even though I didn’t have a turntable at the time).

At the beginning of 2000s, i met online a lot of DJ-s and collectors on various 90s forums and soon discovered a whole new world of 90s dance music, tunes that were great, but not so exposed and over-played on radios and clubs at the time.
My passion quickly became discovering unknown 90s dance tunes, so i started buying and collecting records more seriously to complete my collection.

Along with vinyl collecting, I started making mixes.
First mix series was called Conte mini mixes (Conte, Italian version of my nickname Grof, which is a Croatian word for Count). I wanted to present dance tunes that didn’t make it to the top 20 charts, tunes i thought were really good and deserved a lot more attention.

Soon followed EuroDancefloor show on Radio Dancefloor.

In 2021 starts Zona Novanta, the idea was to make a mix-show, like the ones i grew up to back in the 90s, when I’d listen to the radio, warming up for a saturday night out. No talk, just energetic dance music, jingles and mix. The 90s zone…90s hits, rare and obscure tunes…and all in between.
Zona Novanta is mixed either with Technics 1210 MKII or Denon DJ controller, depending on the episode.

These days i equally like old school mixing with turntables as well as digital mix on a DJ controller. Controllers are fun to play around with samples, stems and loops in the mix, but vinyl is and always will be my first love.

In my sets I mostly play Italian production, rare and obscure 90s dance tunes from the mid 90s, but from time to time, I do make sets with hit tunes from the entire 90s decade and the beginning of 2000s.

I don’t really consider myself a DJ, i guess i`m just a vinyl collector who loves to mix.

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